About Thais


Howdy! I’m Thais Weiller and I’m a game designer and game producer with background as academic researcher, teacher, pixel artist, painter…

I started on the industry as a game designer on 2010 and since then I have been design and doing a couple more things related to game development.

Together with Danilo Dias, I co-founded the avatarshortminiindie studio JoyMasher and we made Oniken and Odallus, both for PC, and some other cool games. As a designer, I worked on mobile titles such as Robot DIR, Deep Dungeons of Doom and Bunny Shooter and some cool browser games such as Hans Hans.

Now I’m working on Black River Studios, where I started as a designer but since the beginning of 2015 I’m working as a producer. There, I designed Galaxy 11, created the concept for Rococo VR and produced Finding Monsters Adventure.

I’m also a Master of Science in Game Design. My Dissertation became a book (in Portuguese) and you can check the site for it here.