Thais Weiller

Explorer of the Realms of Game Design

Manaus, thaisweiller [at] gmail [dot] com


2011/Present Game Designer and PR @JoyMasher

2015/2016 Producer @ Black River Studios @ Samsung

2014/2016 Game Designer @ Black River Studios @ Samsung

2011/2012 Game Design Professor @Alpha Channel

  • Game conception and gameplay basis
  • Narrative in games and its gameplay foundation
  • GDD creation and use
  • Help students to create a game prototype

2011/2012 Game Designer @Best, Cool & Fun Games

2011 Game Designer @Loopix/Idealista

  • Game conception and scheming
  • Gameplay structuring and balancing in social games
  • Project managing
  • Coordinating art and programming teams
  • Social and advergames execution


2010/2012 Communication Master Degree on Videogames and Human Cognition Escola de Comunicação e Artes Universidade de São Paulo/ECA USP

2005/2008 Journalism Bachelor Degree Centro Universitário de Maringá Cesumar

2005/2008 Fashion Bachelor Degree Centro Universitário de Maringá Cesumar


  • Game creation and conception
  • Gameplay structuring and balancing
  • Game projects managing
  • Collaborative group work
  • Coordinating teams
  • Maintain documentation
  • Level design
  • Concept Prototyping
  • Fluent Portuguese, English and advanced Spanish
  • Communicative professional, capable of working in teams and well informed in the game business


  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Microsoft Office, Open Office and Google Docs
  • Unity 3D
  • Wiki Platforms
  • Spriting software as GraphicsGale, Pixen and MS Paint
  • Basic knowledge in 3D modeling software as 3D Studio Max and Blender
  • Basic knowledge in other 3D engines such as UDK and C4