Who is Thais?

I’m a game designer and my goal is to create experiences that put players in situations uncomfortable enough to make they may change their outlook. I’m a writer aiming to demystify game developing process and sensibilize people to issues beyond themselves. I’m a public speaker eager to share on the topics I’m passionate about. I’m a consultant fighting to make games, processes and teams better. I’m a professor committed to make my students the best possible version of themselves. I’m Thais, nice to meet you.

Sou uma game designer cujo objetivo é criar experiências que coloquem o jogador em situações desconfortáveis o suficiente para mudar seus pressupostos.  Sou uma escritora que procura desmistificar o processo de desenvolvimento de jogos e sensibilizar pessoas para problemas além delas mesmas. Sou uma palestrante que almeja dividir sobre os tópicos pelos quais sou apaixonada por. Sou uma consultora que luta para fazer jogos, processos e equipes melhores. Sou uma professora empenhada em fazer de meus alunos a melhor versão possível deles mesmos. Sou Thais, prazer.

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Hey, so, one thing called pandemic happened, you might have heard of it. It is kind of big. Because of that, everything here started going in a different pace. At first glance, it felt it was slower since we were all at home all the time and if we don’t go places things should not …

Bittersweet Game Design – The What

Since the commercial establishment of videogames as entertainment, in the late 1970s, games are associated with fun and enjoyment. That’s a reminiscence of their origins, being first targeted at children as home consoles or as a bar pastime as penny-operated machines later called arcades.p>But we are way past these days of introduction. Videogames are a thriving industry, on reach of every human in this planet that has any access to the internet.